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RCM Electronic motors are used for controlling rolling shutters, retractable awnings, roller blinds and interior shades they come in different capacity lift. Motorize your home to save energy and lower your utility bills. Protect yourself and your family from the sun's harmful UV rays. Also blind shades provide convenience and comfort. Problems such as glare control, privacy and protecting valuable furnishings are now solved.

The Many Benefits of Motorized Blinds whether you're planning on making renovations to your home by motorizing your window treatments or if you're in the process of having a new house built, you might want to know about the many advantages of having motorized window blinds. As you�ll soon see, it is not limited to having control over the lighting in the rooms of your home. It offers you so much more. Why Go for Motorized Blinds? You might be thinking of this as an added expense. Let us assure you that your motorized blinds will pay for themselves even before the year is up. Although its electrical consumption adds up to your bill.

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Ten years ago, we can only see in big cities or abroad in the media, browse to the spirit of modern decorative building materials - aluminum composite panel, and today we both walk away in big cities or small towns will be in the form of a Block, each different, colorful aluminum composite panel works to attract, this material not only has the effect of metal curtain walls, and it is superior to the metal wall with a light texture, easy on-site bending process can be molded into shape. Side facade of shops, schools, hospitals, offices ... ... As a result of ACP loaded Ying magnificent or elegant and noble look.

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